Three Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Three Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

As a packaging provider, it is very important to put yourself in a client’s shoes as they experience your packaging. Is it easy for them to open? Is there a lot of superfluous materials? Is the labeling on-pointe? Packaging mistakes can be very costly for a business, and it is vital to recognize mishaps that can drastically effect sales & long term growth. Today we are discussing three common mistakes to watch out for while going through your packaging process.

Over Packaging

Over packaging is one of the most common mistakes when packing your product. Sometimes an organization can overdue the packaging inside, ranging excessive bubble wrap or other packing material that contribute to an overkill vibe. Using the minimal amount of package, really just enough to keep the product safe, will display you as a responsible and knowledgeable packer.

Minimalism is trending. If you can provide safe & effective packaging while limiting the amount of resources applied to the package, you’ll appeal to a wider range of consumers in the process.

Packaging Waste

Packaging waste is on high alert at the moment. Have you ever received a package that was 60% packaged, and the remaining 40% leftover was air?

Not only is that 40% of air wasteful, but it can also cause product damage. Products can move around freely without security causing it to shift in the packaging. The packaging itself may not be affected, but you won’t see the damage of the transported product until its opened. This can have a churning effect on your customers and decrease your odds to repeat orders.

Overly Secure Packages

In many consumer’s eyes there are two types of packaging, “secure” and “impossible to open” packaging. Yes, you always want whatever you are packing to be secure. You want to make sure that it is not easily opened so that anyone can have access to what’s being transported. You want to balance product safety with ease of opening. But again it is important to approach the packaging from your customer’s perspective. Would you want to open a package that is sealed with 4 layers of tape, multiple air cushions, and a coarse plastic covering that’s difficult to cut through? This creates a negative experience that can easily be avoided with a little thought and a more efficient approach to the materials you use.

Are you anxious about making one or more of these packaging mistakes yourself? Contact a customer service representative from our team at Southeast Packaging Solutions to ease your concerns. We’re confident we can prove Southeast Packaging is the best in the industry in retail packaging, janitorial, and safety supplies.