The Science Behind Recycled Natural Paper Recycling Bags

The Science Behind Recycled Natural Paper Recycling Bags

We all want to make greener choices and help the environment. But sometimes what is best for the planet can be counterintuitive. Like single use plastic shopping bags are quickly going extinct. They are now banned by stores, cities, and even governments. And in their place are sturdier, reusable, supposedly greener bags. So, problem solved…. right? Well, when you like at the entire lifecycle of a product, what’s best for the environment can get complicated. There are all kinds of bags available, but today, we are going to focus on a new phenomenon that is gaining in popularity & promotes sustainable shipping. Natural Paper Recycling bags. Let’s dive in.

In short, recycled paper bags are bags that are made from used paper that are reprocessed from different purposes. The pulp that makes up the paper bag is re-composed through multiple chemical & mechanical processes, which helps achieve size & design preferences. It is important to note that paper bags that have incurred some type of damage (i.e water, grease, or rot) are not able to be recycled. Also, if it contains some type of plastic film component, it is unable to be recycled. The most popular types of paper bags that can be recycled are shipping bags, food bags, and of course gift bags.

Recycled paper bags have a plethora of positive characteristics that contribute to sustainable, and efficient packaging. Paper is wood based, which is a renewable and natural material that is very versatile for repurposing. Recycled paper bags have a very high functional strength and durability…… and are extremely biodegradable. Studies have shown that the average recycled paper bag can be biodegradable within 60 – 150 days. A key factor in reducing overall global waste.

Some people question the durability or overall potency of a recycled paper bags. In many cases, the pulp that is used to construct recycled paper bags actually contain stronger fibers that are very tear resistant. That’s the real intrigue with recycled paper bags. You have a bag that is eco-friendly, multi-faceted, durable, and decomposable. Yes, original paper bags do require trees to be constructed…. But re-using those bags significantly cuts down on greenhouse gas emission and reduces energy in the construction process.

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